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EU Leonardo da Vinci Project

Animation on the timetable
The long-term ambition of the EU projects is to make teaching with animation as an integral part of teaching in primary schools in Europe. As a result the first project Teaching with Animation we have produced a DVD with an easily accessible guide, including didactic considerations and ways to use animation in education. The manual is - of course - animated. And as a result of the second project Animated Science we have produced a DVD and a website. The guides were developed in close collaboration between animators and researchers, and it is based on experience with animation from several of the countries involved.

The projects rethinks the possibilities of making use of children and young people's creative skills in a serious way - to the benefit for al children also the dyslexics and children with learning difficulties.

International Cooperation
It was initially the idea that many more countries were given an insight into the potential of animation as a teaching tool. We have through working with partners from Britain, Portugal, Spain, Denmark and Estonia gained insight into users' culture and gained a much greater experience and research material. Furthermore, it is inspiring to work with other countries and thus experience different ways of doing things. Through cooperation prejudices are broken down, and participants in the project are forced to open themselves to see things from other angles. Of course there are also challenges in international cooperation.

International distribution
The European dimension has really strengthened the projects. The educational materials produced are well utilized in CAP's activities eg. an international semester for teacher education in Viborg, where it is included as teaching material.
CAP also organizes training courses for teachers and workshops for children and youth in schools and libraries around the country, where material from the project are included. And to complete the international angle, CAP also works with NGOs in a country where material from Teaching med Animation project included.

In addition to the partners who participated in the projects, had an interest in having the material developed and even using it in style, there are also many outside the partnership, who use the results, especially schools and other educational institutions.

Two DVDs with instructions and examples of small animations and one website.

Hanne Pedersen
Center for Teaching Animation
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8800 Viborg
Mail: hanne@animwork.dk
Phone: +45 8755 4900

The project is funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme. The partners come from Denmark,
Britain, Portugal, Spain and Estonia. From Denmark involved besides the Center for Entertainment Education (now part of VIA University College) also School of Education.