Exporting pedagogics

VISE workshop
Danish animation workshops to help reduce truancy in Romanian schools.

By UNICEFs estimates, as much as 400,000 Romanian children of school age are not in the education system, and only 56,9% of Romanians aged 15-24 are studying. By all accounts, the public school system in Romania needs to be more engaging, and one of the solutions could just be animation-based learning.

Recently, The Animation Workshop's Center for Education and Animation (CEA) wrapped up an EU project called VISE, where school teachers in the Romanian region of Constanta were taught how to use animation as a pedagogical tool. Next step is the project MAI, basically a nationwide rollout of VISE, where CEA will also assist in creating animation-based learning tools for use in the Romanian education system.

- Teaching with animation has a number of advantages, says Roxana Philipe, VISE and MAI coordinator at CEA.

- It creates a sense of co-ownership in the students, who are more likely to take responsibilty for their own learning, and it boosts confidence, because everyone can be involved and take part. Also, it has obvious advantages for slow readers, which is not irrelevant in a country like Romania, where 53% of teenagers have difficulty reading and comprehending a text.

A project with impact
For the Deputy director for education and psychosocial assistance in Constanta, Catalin Bejan, er VISE is an important step forwards for the Romanian education system:

- One of the great battles of this millennium is the battle for education. In the context, VISE is a success project, sustainable, a project “with future” in preventing school dropout. A project with impact, comments Bejan.

VISE is supported by the EU Social Fund and the partners - beside CEA - are the Inspectorate of Constanta, NGO IRSCA Gifted Education, the Italian Unione degli Assessorati alle politiche socio-sanitarie e del lavoro, and NGO Expert Italia. All in all, 48 Romanian teachers took part in workshops on animation-based learning processes during the project.