Nørup Skole, VejleNørup Skole, Vejle

About Centre for Education and Animation (CAP)

Centre for Education and Animation is an autonomous development department within the Animation Workshop. The objective of the department is to acknowledge animation as
an alternative learning- and communication tool.

Amongst other things we utilize animation for information campaigns and patient rehabilitation. Moreover, Centre for Education and Animation has worked together with municipal primary and lower secondary schools throughout many years – not only in Denmark but
all over Europe, thus we would like to see animation become an integrated part of teaching in line with the written- and spoken language.

In 1993, Centre for Education and Animation was founded with Hanne Pedersen at the helm and now also includes Maibritt Larsson, Development- and project manager and Anna Kjær-
gaard, Coordinator of the Film Festival – Animation for children and adolescents and ‘Eye of Animation’.

The department has years of practical experience with the use of animation as a didactic tool within every age group. In the beginning, Centre for Education and Animation started out by conducting workshops in Denmark as well as abroad, where children and adolescents learned to make their own animated film. Today, the practical experience forms the basis of scientific- and development characterised projects, which take up most of the time and work of the department.