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What is Animation Pedagogy?

Animation Involves the Senses
It is currently required that schools are inclusive and that children with learning difficulties of various kinds are included in the social and learning communities in the classroom.
Regardless of students' academic level, especially one teaching tool make students happy, namely Information technology. It can be used in many ways and almost all subjects.

From a pedagogical standpoint, animation has a great potential, because it involves very detailed studies of what to animate, and because there are multiple senses involved all the time. Every time you animate a person you indirectly train your empathic ability, and every time you animate a physical object, you implicitly train scientific understanding - provided that the animations have sufficient quality.

Animation in All Subjects
A powerful educational tool as animation can be used in all subjects as a teaching tool. It should complement written language, where you instead of writing a transcript of the Little Red Riding Hood, animate it with cardboard or plasticise. Similarly one can show how volcanos work, or how the earth's crust shift. It's simple to learn and kids can participate right from the get go.

Animation as a learning tool can help to create children that are able to solve problems in a much more flexible, creative and collaborative manner.

It can also make children much more aware of media that they already spend much time on. And animation can provide academically weak students with more successful experiences in teaching because they obtain a whole new language.

An inclusive educational tool
In an effort to practice differentiated instruction it is the teacher's challenge to vary teaching methods regarding the students' differences.

In this manner animation can be used by dyslexic children and children with learning difficulties as an alternative to the writing. There are several technical solutions available today that make it possible to work with self-made motion pictures in teaching. Through training of teachers and developing teaching methods and tools animation is an inclusive educational tool.